Community Outreach

BC Project also host events to reach out to the Chinese community in the UK. These events include our own initiatives and collaborative projects with our community organisation partners. At the core of all our community events lies BC Project’s main goal: to bring together our fragmented community and to create a stronger voice for our community in British political, social and media scenes.

Health Walk with Our Elderly

Isolation and loneliness are common challenges the British-Chinese elderly living in London are facing. BC Project have sought to address this widespread social issue by bringing together the elderly with our young volunteers on a walk to different parts of Britain.

In the past, we have taken our elderly to Witley Court and Canterbury. Each walk had around 20 to 30 participants along with 10 BC Project Staff.

Community Fund Raising Walk

On 28 March 2015, BC Project undertook a challenging fundraising walk of 23 miles in London. This walk was to connect different British Chinese organisations in London, raise fund for them and introduce their activities to interested UK public.

We were delighted that about 40 participants came to walk with us at different time during the event. In total, we raised £10,000 for our community organization partners. The following community centers received our donations:

  • Chinese Information and Advice Centre (CIAC)
  • Chinese National Healthy Living Centre (CNHLC)
  • Chinese Welfare Trust
  • Chinese Community Centre
  • Islington Chinese Association
  • Camden Chinese Community Centre
  • Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets
  • Cambridge Chinese Community Centre
  • Birmingham Chinese Community Centre
  • Manchester Wai Yin Society

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