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BC Project promotes the political representation of British-Chinese through education, participation and representation.

Our overarching message is simple: without political participation, we do not have a voice.


  • Spread the message ‘the Chinese community needs your vote’
  • Inform British-Chinese voters of their rights and responsibilities
  • Promote awareness regarding how Chinese participation can influence the political process
  • Work with community and media partners to reach unregistered and unconcerned British-Chinese voters
  • Develop Multi-language aid programme for voter registration


  • Encourage British-Chinese community across the country to organise and become vocal interest groups
  • Assist British-Chinese interest groups to express opinions in the public and on media
  • Support Chinese community members’ participation in their local associations, such as school governing body or NHS trust
  • Inspire Chinese community members to join UK political parties of their choices


  • Raise the profile of the British-Chinese community in the overall UK society through active interaction and cultural exchanges
  • Demonstrate the tangible benefits of Chinese political representation to the Chinese communities, and society at large
  • Identify and support next-generation British-Chinese political leaders

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