Mission Statement

The British Chinese Project aims to empower the UK Chinese community, making them aware of their democratic rights and responsibilities, whilst ensuring the needs and interests of the community are heard at a political level.

The UK Chinese community has been politically isolated for too long. The British Chinese Project recognises a need for greater representation of Chinese people at all levels of government and society. The Chinese community is now the third largest ethnic minority group in the UK, and the fastest growing – yet, our influence on policy-making decisions is almost non-existent.

What We Do


To better understand the needs and concerns of British-Chinese community

Policy Advice

To bring demands of British Chinese community to national and local government

Community Outreach

To serve the Chinese elderly and community organization partners

BC Vision

A platform for creative expressions for people from the Chinese community in Britain

BC & Politics

To encourage Chinese community in politics and nurture next-generation British-Chinese political leaders



On the 2019 Election Day, the BC Project team, led by founder Christine Lee, made our final stop in the week-long ‘voter-calling’ campaign at London Chinatown.

Among the esteemed guests who came to show their support for the campaign were Mr. Fung KW (Chairman and Consultant of BC Project), Lord Simon Woolley (Founder of Operations Black Vote) Mr. Tang CT OBE (Chairman of the London Chinese Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Stanley Tse (President of the London Chinese Chamber of Commerce), Solicitor Mr. David Ho (Chairman of North London Chinese Association), Mr. Edmund Yeo (Conservative Party Counsellor), Solicitor Mr. Gordon Nardell (Labour Party Counsellor), ex-MP Mr. Neil Carmichael (CEO of the UK-China Culture and Education Promotion Centre) among others.




Speaking on behalf of the Chinese community, Mr Tang OBE and Mr Tse (both from the London Chinese Chamber of Commerce) cited BREXIT as the most pressing issue that the incumbent government should resolve. Also, they have expressed their mutual concern on the hindrances faced by many Chinese restaurant businesses in hiring experienced chefs, due to the difficulties which entail the application of a Tier 3 Visa sanctioned by the UK government.


We believe in inclusion, participation, diversity and creativity.


In the weeks leading up to the 2019 election campaign, BC Project had collaborated with Operations Black Vote for a ‘Voter-Calling’ campaign with the objective to promote voting among the British Chinese community.

  • To achieve this common goal, both parties aim to inform the Chinese community of their democratic rights and responsibilities, whilst also seeking their opinions and interests at a political level. It is believed that increased participation will result in a stronger voice for the betterment of the community.


  • If you don’t vote, somebody else will speak for you!” was the slogan of this campaign, endorsed by the founders of both organisation – Mdm. Christine Lee (BC Project) and Lord Simon Woolley (OBV)


  • To induce awareness among the Chinese community, BC Project had provided physical and online infographics (ie. posters and social media posts) on the election procedure for distribution, whilst also engaging with the community to enlist their opinions on the election as well as their concerns on welfare and policy issues.


  • The following issues were most dominantly raised during our survey:
    • Uncertainties and instability caused by BREXIT
    • Community safety
    • Lack of Chinese education facilities
    • Education opportunities for Chinese people in the UK
    • Equality in salaries
    • Lack of career progression (as compared to White locals)
    • Racism


  • After more than 150 years of residence in the UK, the Chinese community is now the third largest ethnic minority group in the country. This year, we were represented by 9 candidates of Chinese heritage, who ran for the position of MP in their respective constituencies.



Candidate Constituency
1 Conservative Xingang Wang Hammersmith
2 Conservative Alan Mak Havant
3 Conservative Johnny Luk Hampstead and Kilburn
4 Conservative Alex Yip Birmingham Edgbaston
5 Brexit Qi Catherine Cui Poplar and Limehouse
6 Labour Sarah Owen Luton North
7 Liberal George Lee Westminster North
8 Conservative Dr Shengke Zhi Manchester Withington
9 Green Party Emma Chan Tottenham

We believe in inclusion, participation, diversity and creativity.


With the aim of raising Chinese voter turnout in the 2019 election, the BC Project team embarked on a 4-stop ‘Voter Calling’ campaign which started in Liverpool and culminating in London on election day.

Along the way, we had the opportunity to speak to a few British Chinese candidates who were running for MP in the election, as well as some prominent figures in the Chinese community of the various cities.






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